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Cosplay is the performance artform of dressing as a character from a book, movie or video game and often goes hand-in-hand with faithfully performing as that character. CONVERGENCE welcomes cosplayers of all genres. Our exciting cosplay performance event lets individual cosplayers or cosplay performance groups take centre stage to bring their chosen character to life to the delight of the audience.


Convergence Cosplay Cup

Welcome to the inaugural Convergence Cosplay Cup. Cosplay performance groups and individuals will have an opportunity to compete for prizes on the stage to adoring fans! Cosplayers also get free admission if in costume to the official after-party at NEXUS cyberpunk bar to keep the fun going all night. Only registrations submitted using the form below will be considered. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis and is limited to a maximum of 40 entries. Once the entry cap has been reached, the remaining entrants will be placed on a standby list and notified by email if/when a spot opens up.


1st Place: $500

2nd Place: $200

Fan Favourite: $200

Best "mini cosplayer" (Age 12 and under): $100

THE RULES The following criteria must be met to avoid disqualification: 1. Entrants must have made or significantly altered at least 50% of their costume in order to compete. Cosplayers may elect to have a model wear their costume during the contest but must be present during the judged event. 2. Entrants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 3. Convergence/Oshawa Tourism reserves the right to disallow any contestants on the basis of appropriateness of the costume - the event is family friendly. Nudity and simulated nudity are strictly prohibited. Costumes that are deemed racist, obscene or otherwise derogatory will not be allowed to compete. Costumes with hate symbolism such as swastikas, KKK hoods etc... will not be allowed to compete. 4. Entrants must be able to wear their costumes for 2+ hours without incurring medical distress such as overheating, lacerations, excessive strain on muscles etc... Entrants who are deemed to be in medical distress by Convergence staff will be removed from the competition and escorted to first aid. This decision cannot be appealed. 5. Any prop weapon must have passed inspection and be approved by the Convergence cosplay team prior to the contest. 6. Absolutely no flame or pyrotechnical props are permitted due to fire regulations. Convergence's primary concern is public safety. 7. Entrants must respect the judges decisions.

THE FINE PRINT The Convergence Cosplay Cup director or representative of Convergence/Oshawa Tourism both have full authority to eliminate anyone from the competition on the ground of unsportsmanlike conduct either backstage or on-stage, violation of the rules or any other reson deemed sufficient. There is no appeal. Arguing with the director or representative may result in further action taken such as a lifetime ban on participating in any future Convergence Cosplay Competitions. Contestants are expected to obey all local, provincial and federal laws and municipal bylaws governing Convergence. Those who do not comply will be removed from the premises and their access revoked without prior warning. If the nature of the infraction is severe, the proper authorities will be contacted. All Cosplay Contestants will be required to submit a photo of themselves or their model in the costume they are competing with for pre-judging one week prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in elimination from the competition.


Cosplay Entrant Registration

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