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Beings of all origins are warping in to the CONVERGENCE music + art festival. In parallel to the stages where live performances happen are the CONVERGENCE "portals" or alleys. These are places where vendors both near and far offer their creations for sale. 

Vendor Alley

vendor ALLEY by punk rock flea market

Alysia Myette.JPG

Alysia Myette Designs

Alysia Myette Designs is bringing custom colourful and themed fanny packs made from recycled and upcycled materials to Vendor Alley. There will also be scrunchies, keychains, and chokers for purchase.

Archane Enchantments.PNG

Archane Enchantments

Archance creations is run and made by Nikki Z! She is an illustration artist who loves adding a little bit of magic and spooky to every season. She sells fine art prints of all my hand-drawn designs, does commission work, and is starting to put my art on stickers, mugs, and clothing!

Brendan Hodge Design.PNG

Brendan Hodge

Brendan Hodge is a visual artist that's been dabbling in different art forms for the past 10+ years. Writing and playing music was always his artistic outlet for many years, but he has now found a real joy in creating something physical and tangible. He carves lino blocks, creates original paintings, and does film photography.

Broken Television.PNG

Broken Television + Weirdo Supply Co.

Brokentelevision is an independent interdisciplinary artist with an affinity for all things strange and unusual. She is inspired by alternative music, horror, video games, and the occult. Stop by to grab some original or fan merch trinkets and some art prints. Weirdo Supply Co., an independent artist who focuses on creating both new and up-cycled leather goods, including cuffs, chokers, and belts, many of which will be spiked and studded to glory, will be joining them! He is also open to custom work and will add spiky, shiny goodness to any garments brought his way.

Completely Cemental.PNG

Completely Cemental

Completely Cemental makes concrete horror statues ranging from skulls to movie serial killers (Jason, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface)!

Crypt Thrift.PNG

Crypt Thrift

Crypt Thrift specializes in offering high-quality, pre-loved garments that embrace the unique style of the scene. Step into their realm of edgy aesthetics and discover your perfect outfit with your local CryptKeeper!

Creeps & Ghouls.PNG

Creeps and Ghouls

Creeps and Ghouls celebrates Halloween year-round with their handmade merch and decor, including mugs, pins, and aprons!

Cryptic Candles.PNG

Cryptic Candles

Cryptic Candles is run by Jade, who started making candles during Covid! They sell soy/coconut candles and melts.

Curvy Coffin.PNG

The Curvy Coffin

The Curvy Coffin specializes in thrifted & secondhand alternative clothing & accessories. Their sizes are L/12 & Up!

Damaged Goods.PNG

Damaged Goods Shoppe

Damaged Goods Shoppe creates unique and one of a kind mixed media art, incorporating a variety of images, quotes, poetry and decoupage. They also repurpose vintage items into one of a kind jewellery and home decor.

Desaray Designs.PNG

Desaray Designs

Desaray Designs sells a wide variety of items, from stickers, sun catchers, to keychains and air fresheners. Her goal is to create unique pieces that bring a little bit of mystic and magic into your everyday life.

Ding Dong Bullshit.JPG

Ding Dong Bullshit

Check out a wide variety of items including mugs, magnets, pins, coasters, and more!

Drop Dead Candles.PNG

Drop Dead Candles

Mel started Drop Dead Candles in 2016 as a happy accident when she began creating her own molds and candles as a "just-for-fun" hobby. The hobby quickly developed into a small business as Mel's friends and family began hounding her to create weird candles for them!

Durham Region Roller Derby.PNG

Durham Region Roller Derby

Durham Region’s flat-track roller derby league - for skaters by skaters est. 2009. Inclusive, full-contact fun. Don’t hate, Roller Skate. DRRD welcomes all individuals to skate with them regardless of gender identity, shape, size, abilities, backgrounds, or professions!

Dwelling on the Past.PNG

Dwelling on the Past

Sarah Israel is the founder of Dwelling on the Past, a GTA-based shop focusing on thoughtfully-curated vintage and secondhand home goods. Dwelling on the Past is the perfect mix of thrifted treasures, vintage items, and furniture pieces.

Eartha Creations.PNG

Eartha Creations

Text to come.

Giggling Banshee.jpg

Giggling Banshee

Kooky-spooky stained glass creations handcrafted in a small village nestled amongst drumlins. The quiet gaze of a cemetery to the west. The curious song of a haunted farmhouse to the east. Sleepy woods & swampland in each corner.

Ghoulish Tats.JPG

Ghoulish Tats

Ghoulish Tats is a tattoo company that will be selling art prints, framed prints, pyrography wall art, and customized incense holders. Although they won’t be tattooing at the event, make sure to check out and support their art!

Ghoul's Night In.PNG

Ghoul's Night In

Making Grandma proud, one stitch at a time! Original pieces of cross stitch needlework available for sale or trade.

Ghosts Phantom Realm.JPG

Ghosts Phantom Realm

Fandom, spooky and lgbtq+, Art, Kandi, Stickers and pins

Hush Puppy Designs.JPG

Hushpuppy Designs

Hushpuppy Designs is made up of unique pieces inspired by traditional tattoo designs and focused on all things underestimated/overlooked. Check out their products including screen-printed apparel and accessories, art/lino prints, stickers/pins/patches and much more!

Jacpot Pottery.JPG

Jacpot Pottery

Text to come.

KFU Supply Co.PNG

KFU Supply Co.

KFU Supply Co. is a creative outlet that makes patches, keychains, and other small goods inspired by all the underground & retro goodness you love. Can't beat the classics!

King Chrrie.JPG


Chrrie is a multi media artist from the Greater Toronto Area with a soft spot for surrealism. They love exploring new art forms. Be sure to check out their prints, accessories, and stickers!

L'Amour Propre.JPG


Queer and sex positive apparel, accessories, and more! Everything is printed, engraved, or produced by hand, by them!

Lili Land.PNG

Lili Land

Lili Land is a brand of jewelry and accessories empowering, accessible and alternative. Their biggest wish is that everyone can wear their true colours on a daily basis and unleash their true selves!

Lunar Eats.JPG

Lunar Eats

Lunar Eats is an Ontario-based freeze-dried candy company. Check out their wide variety of treats!

Lunatic & Tide.JPG

Lunatic & Tide

A queer artist who loves to paint nature and enjoys the spooky stuff and creepy crawlers. They see making a living off of their artwork as an act of rebellion and once spent months bicycling across Canada and living in the forest on the way, which inspires their work!

Magpies & Ravens.JPG

Magpies and Ravens

Magpies and Ravens creates and sells carefully curated mystery boxes, altars, witchy gifts, earrings, crystals, and more.

Mellow Kali Wellness.JPG

Mellow Kali Wellness

Mellow Kali is an edgy, self-care + wellness company. It's been built on the values of acceptance, connection, authenticity, mental wellness and love. Their focus is providing humans with tools, resources, education and products to care for themselves and promote positivity!

Midnight Raven Studios.JPG

Midnight Raven Studios

Handmade Metaphysical Shop and Magick with a Sense of Humour. Check out their jewelry, clothes, stickers, candles, and more!

Mindmelt Studios.PNG

Mindmelt Studio

Run by Mark S. Gagne, Mindmelt Studio is your home for cute and creepy artwork!

Morgan Von Darque.JPG

Morgan Von Darque Art

Morgan Von Darque produces dark surrealism, horror, fantasy, sci-fi art.

MsFaerie Arts.PNG


MsFaerieArts is an illustrator and comic artist, who creates incredible prints, stickers, pins, charms, and more!

Nerds & Needles.JPG

Nerds & Needles

Nerds & Needles creates hilarious and creative pop culture inspired stitchwork, embroidery, and stickers!

Night Moves Atelier.JPG

Night Moves Atelier

Night Moves Atelier designs colourful retro-inspired handmade polymer clay earrings and accessories for rad people everywhere!

Occultly Crafted.JPG

Occultly Crafted

Occulty Crafted creates year-round spooky goods, including stickers, prints, handpainted wood pieces, and pins and patches!

Punk Rock Dadcast.PNG

Punk Rock Dadcast

The Punk Rock Dadcast is dedicated mostly to the local Canadian Punk Rock Scene, but they also dive into mainstream stuff! They are here to support local and nonlocal, new and old bands, and to talk about parenthood. They will be interviewing people live at Convergence for their podcast!

Quill & Quartz.JPG

Quill and Quartz

Handmade jewelry that is made to inspire and connect people to everyday moments. It is also eco-conscious and myth-inspired.  



Scrapulous is a sewer/crocheter/crafter that enjoys using various materials and techniques to make cool alternative stuff.

Shark Bite Ink.JPG

Shark Bite Ink

Shark Bite Ink is the creative practice of London artist Jessica Woodward. Specializing in printmaking Jessica will be bringing lots of original lino and silkscreen prints, cards, totes and tees.

Soap Scum Apothecary.JPG


SoapScumApothecary creates handmade, vegan, palm free cold process soap and personal care products! Now ghouls can find captivating soap scents with names like Corpse Scrubber, Earl Grave and Funeral in Carpathia.

Spider & Fly Store.PNG

Spider and Fly Store

Spider and Fly Store makes and sells horror housewares and dark decor, as well as custom printing, embroidery, and glass engraving.

Spooky Sellables.PNG

Spooky Sellables

Spooky Sellables has 80s, 90s, and Y2K finds including a variety of VHS tapes, clothes, home decor, accessories, and vintage books.

Tmpr Tantrum.JPG

Tmpr Tantrum

Temper Tantrum is a multi-vendor online marketplace featuring items made by queer artists. They sell art that is sometimes wearable, sometimes stick-able and sometimes readable and at an accessible price point.

The Grizzly Beard.PNG

The Grizzly Beard

The Grizzly Beard creates all-natural beard care products that are vegan and cruelty-free. They have beard oil, beard muzzles, beard balm, and accessories!

The Hidden Path.JPG

The Hidden Path

The Hidden Path explores curiosities of nature and specializes in terrariums, houseplants, entomology and more.

The Queen Batzy.PNG

The Queen Batzy

The Queen Batzy is a GTA Drag Artist and Horror Host. They also sell dice sets, sticker packs and individual stickers! Tarot-themed stickers are designed and illustrated by Avery Dion.

The Rebel Crafter.JPG

The Rebel Crafter

The Rebel Crafter is run by Heidi, whose goal has always been to create beautiful, unique pieces that subtly display the funny and often rude phrases that she utters on a regular basis. Each word is added deliberately so that at first glance, they appear to be original. That’s part of the charm!

Waning Moon Readings.JPG

Waning Moon Readings

Waning Moon Readings is run by Diana, who is a psychic medium (both connected to spirit and the departed), as well as a tarot reader. She also creates handmade bathsoaks and candles.

YYZ Clothing.PNG

YYZ Clothing

YYZ Clothing sells vintage clothes. They are passionate about providing affordable, sustainable fashion for everyone to enjoy. They strive to give clothes a second chance and slow down the detrimental effects of fast fashion!

street food alley

360insights international STREET FOOD ALLEY


Philthy Philly's

Their menu features the delicious taste of Philadelphia, serving Philly Cheesesteaks, Philthy Poutinerie, Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Fresh Salads. Their food is made fresh to order with top of the line ingredients including thin sliced steak, all served up on a freshly toasted bun.


Cheese Headz!

All your favourites including chicken, burgers and our specialty, the cheesiest around town... mac and cheese!


Masala Box

Masala Box is a family owned food truck that offers halal gourmet kababs and indo-pakistani street-food. They offer meals of excellent quality and invite you to try their delicious food. The key to their success is simple: provide quality food that taste great every time.


Lowlands Fire Food

Authentic wood-fired pizza using toppings that highlight local farmers. Hence the name Lowlands, which comes from the geographical area, the St. Lawrence Lowlands.

The aim is to be a key purchaser for local small/medium sized farms, make a rocking pizza for all customers, and provide good work for the staff!


Island Grill

Serving authentic Jamaican dishes. Their signature Juicy jerk chicken is smoked to perfection and served with rice & peas and coleslaw. Their Sweet heat sandwich is their smoked jerk chicken pulled off the bone, served in coco bread and topped with coleslaw and served with fries. The chicken served is Halal certified. If you enjoy Jamaican food, you will definitely want to try Island Grill!


Brady Bites

Welcome to the home of your healthiest guilty pleasure!! They take fresh fruit and dip them in candy. Need we say any more?


7 Spices Pockets

The fusion of East and West Indian flavours fuels their pursuit to always be tastefully innovative while providing A+ service. Menu offerings include jerk chicken, BBQ chicken, curry chicken, vegetarian options,steak and cheese and ackee & saltfish.

Nerd Alley



Another Spin Records

Oshawa store supplying the local vinyl community with quality Vinyl albums, T-shirts, Cassettes, CDs


World's Collide

text to come.


The Gamers Table

Text to come.


Oshawa Anime Community

Text to come.

Untitled_Artwork (1).jpeg


Text to come.

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 2.58.44 PM.png


Text to come.

Brew Wizards 2.jpg

Brew Wizards

Text to come.

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